Sunday, April 8, 2018

Resort wear, not so much Candy Crush.

The last challenge before the finally was to create a look based on resort wear from the game Candy Crush. Since I've used up my Project Runway budget lately, I had to select from the fabrics I already had. Which were more pastel than bright Candy Crush. When I think of resort wear, my thoughts go to warm beaches, sunny poolside days and dinner and drinks at a romantic beachside restaurant.

I wanted to create a wide leg trouser that was shorter to be able to walk in the sand after an evening of cocktails and dinner. The bodice for this look was not coming out the way I wanted. The top was supposed to be intricate with detail and then the bottom flowy and would sway in the breeze. Unfortunately, the fabric didn't do what I wanted and the bottom ended up stiff. This will definitely be one of the looks I fix when going through the challenges again.

The pants turned out great and they just need to be taken in slightly, if they are going to fit me. But they would be perfect if anyone needs a pair of summer peach colored pants. This wasn't my favorite look and I'm sure I would've gone home after this challenge, but the re-do for this is going to be amazing!

A couple behind.

If you're following me on Instagram (here) you know that I've created a couple looks but haven't shared the details. With family trips and some house changes, it's been a busy couple weeks. It's hard for me to stop what I'm doing and take a few minutes to share what I've been working on. It's coming to an end and I'm sad that it will be over. But I look forward to taking each challenge, going back and making it better - if I'm not happy with how the design turned out. I hope you'll stick around for that.

This challenge was to create a design for a performer (country, pop or rock). Usually I just pick the one that I think would work best for my aesthetic, but this time I decided to use a random drawing and see what I would get. The random drawing gave me country.

When I think country performer, I think of soft and delicate. I was thinking Carrie Underwood or Faith Hill who often wear romantic, soft dresses. I knew I wanted to create a dress that was easy to move in and would have a gentle quality. I found this lilac colored fabric that was on clearance at Joann's from Nicole Miller. It's perfect!

To make it more of a performance look, I want to add some silver trim to cascade down the shoulder. I searched Joann's Fabrics for trim, Hobby Lobby and online and only found 2 that I liked. I want to use different types of silver trim to keep it different and interesting. While I was in Minneapolis this past weekend, I had to make a stop at SR Harris and found 2 other trims that I like that will be included on the shoulder cap.

I'm excited to complete this look by adding the trim. This may even be the dress I wear for my 10 year wedding anniversary this summer. It may not be as country as some other designs, but I'm pretty proud of this one.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

My technique.

Prepare yourself. I made a dress and I'm absolutely in love with it. Shocker!

I struggled this week to come up with something for this challenge. As I watched the new episode, the designers were discussing their many techniques and what their signatures are; pintucking, ruffles, structure, corsetry and more. Honestly, it made me want to learn how to do some of these techniques. I've worked with boning before, so maybe corsetry might not be too difficult to start with.

Since I don't have a signature technique, really, I am good at mixing prints and some of my go-to for prints are florals. This is what I consider my signature. I love to try and push boundaries to what looks good and with what someone would never consider.


Iris Apfel is someone I really admire and who doesn't care what others think of what she's wearing. She wears what she loves and if you don't like it, there's no sweat off her back. She'll mix prints, wear monster jewelry and oversize glasses.


 My aesthetic is girlie, floral, pretty, so mixing floral prints is easy for me. I chose 2 prints that have a similar color story/background that looked nice together. These prints are easy to wear and not to loud. This has easily become my favorite challenge, I might have even won the challenge if I were on the show!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Show me the color!

This past week on Project Runway All Stars the challenge was to create a look with color. Isaac Mizrahi gave the designers each a color that he hand picked for them and they had to match it with a complementary color. I love color so I was ready to take this challenge head-on.

Since I didn't have Mr. Mizrahi choosing a color for me, I decided to select a color that I thought would really speak to me. Ever since I was little, my grandma would tell me stories about how I was purple when I was born and how my favorite color was purple for the longest time. My main color choice for this challenge was purple. I complemented it by adding some green too. It's been a few years since my grandma passed away but I think she would be proud of this look.

I love the ease of this dress and how comfortable it feels. This dress will be great for spring and I can't wait to make others with this design. A LBD? Mixing prints? I can't wait! What do you want to see with this big collar?

I've decided that when this challenge is over, I'll be recreating any challenges that I was not happy with or wanted to redo, but didn't have enough time. I'm looking forward to then when I can really put some more creative ideas into the challenges.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Avant garde. I've never created wearable art that I really thought I could pull off wearing in public. It seemed intimidating and too hard to make something so extreme. Until now.

This week's Project Runway challenge was to create an avant garde piece inspired by the constellations and heavenly bodies. The designers watched a planetarium show and saw several different groups of stars, including the sun. I drew my inspiration from the sun and the colors that surrounded it.

When I went shopping at Joann's, I went looking for an orange/red color that really resembled the sun and it's warmth. I found a silky burnt orange fabric that stood out to me and felt really expensive (even though it was one of the cheaper bolts I found). I sketched and used a fitted dress pattern with a flare on the side collar that I enhanced and exaggerated, because it was an avant garde challenge.

I struggled with designing the back and which zipper to use. In the end, I decided to keep it simple and use the orange zipper so that it didn't take away from the exaggerated drape in the front. I could just hear Ann Fullenwider and Georgina Chapman saying, 'Less is more' and 'Don't make it have too many ideas.'

I really loved how this look turned out and I can't wait to wear it out on the town. It will be perfect for a warm summer night on a rooftop restaurant or patio - whenever summer decides to show up. Only a few more challenges left and it's got me thinking, what should I create when I make the final mini-collection. I need to start thinking (and saving) for that now. It will be spring by that time, I can't wait to bring some florals and color into the collection.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Skip a week - Go USA!

I'm a couple days behind when I usually post, but since I haven't started the new Project Runway challenge yet, I think I'm still good.

Last week PR took off a week, I assume for the Olympics. So I decided to work on something inspired by the Olympics. You can never have too many shoes, purses or make up bags. Why not add a new make up/brush bag to my collection. I added the red, white and blue accent to this one to give it that Team USA feel.

Honestly, I'm kind of in love with this blue ribbon I found on clearance at Joann's. The blue tie-dye almost has a floral type look, I will have to add this as an accent to another piece I create. Maybe on the cuff of a blouse or across the center back?

On to next week! Spoiler alert - it's an Avant Garde challenge! Which means, I'll have to work extra hard on it and get some wearable art made. Wish me luck!


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Under the weather, over it all.

This week tested me. I wanted to give up and be over this challenge. I still have so many to create.

I watched this last week's Project Runway episode on Friday and threw around some ideas in my head. I didn't sketch anything down yet, which, looking back may have been a mistake. This week's challenge was for Betty Boop and to make a sexy and chic look that she could pull off. I have been meaning to use some vintage inspired fabric for awhile so I thought this was the perfect challenge. Then Saturday hit and I started feeling sick, Sunday I was completely laid up in bed all day. The flu hit our house hard and most everyone has some sort of sickness. I started getting better by Monday evening, but still hadn't started sketching or sewing anything.

Finally last night I bunkered down and banged out a dress. This wasn't my best work because I was so tired and still so drained from the flu. I decided to make this dress that somewhat resembles a nightgown. Looking back, I would've made it longer and more flowy for that effortless feel. I finished this challenge in time, but I may decide to rework it in the future.

I know, I know. I said last week that I would be better this week, but who can predict when they'll catch the plague? Fingers (and toes) crossed that this week is my week. I plan on buying new fabric, a new pattern and really winning this challenge! I wonder if I could convince the hubs to give me a prize?! Something to work towards?