Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fresh Face Friday on Tuesday

When you wake up so early, like a lot of working moms do, it can be easy to want to skip the whole make up morning routine. Who doesn't want to just shower and go? Darn men who get ready like that! I've been embracing this fresh face, no make up trend, mostly because I'm lazy. But also because I fancy myself as someone who keeps up with the trends.

I'm not alone in the naked face, several celebrities are rocking the no make up look. And I find myself thinking they are older than me and have better skin. Busy Phillips, Michelle Williams, Selma Blair and Katie Holmes are some of my favorites. I'm no Selma, but I've noticed that even though they have flaws, they aren't quick to hide them. Either accept me, or don't - no sweat off my back.

Although I'd like to keep my flaws safely hidden where only my pillowcase and husband know what my naked face looks like, I must admit, it feels a little freeing. I don't have to worry about my make up fading or having a chin make up line. It's just not there. I'm not constantly cleaning make up brushes or thinking about the millions of germs found in a make up bag.

Instead of the one day a week when I usually don't wear any make up (my day off), I may consider going 'naked' on more days when others see me than the one day I rarely leave the house. I won't be so quick to think of what will others say when they see that pesky 13 year old blemish that just won't go away. (What's up with that anyway?) Excuse me while I run to Ulta and buy all the face cream/wash for acne and anti-aging.

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